torture victims legal fund website  torture victims legal fund website

 Please Choose from Method 1 thru 4 that best fit your type of  donation.

 Method Number(1)

Torture Victims Legal Fund Drive.

  For International OR Domestic Wires Transfers Use:

Bank Name:  TD Bank

Bank Address, Wilmington, Delaware

Account Name:  EKWE NCHE

Account Number:  4327593574

Bank Routing Number:  031101266

SWIFT BIC:  NRTHUS33XXX  (Wire transfers from any USA banks, SWIFT BIC not needed)

If the wired funds are in naira rather than dollars, the wires need to be routed through TDs correspondent bank:  Correspondent Bank ID: TDOMCATT TOR; Correspondent Bank Name is :  The Toronto-Dominion Bank, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, MSk 1A2

 OR,  MAIL YOUR CHECK or MONEY ORDER  TO  Fein & DelValle, PLLC, 300 New Jersey Ave NW Suite 900 Washington, DC 20001  

Method Number(2) For People Donating from United States, who wants to go to Bank of America to make donation to Torture Victims Legal Fund, Please Make Your Check or Money Order Payable To: " Ekwe Nche "   STOP by the Nearest  Bank of America and Deposit it.
 Account Name is " EKWE NCHE "  
Account  Number is  " 291015862372 "
Bank Name is  " Bank of America "

 OR Mail it to: Torture Victims Legal Fund, P. O. Box 1994 Harvey, IL 60426. 

 torture victims legal fund website

Torture victims legal fund. website Torture Victim Legal Protection Fund Website, is raising money to help mitigate and bring to justice, agents of governments who engage in torturing and victimizing their people especially those who are not of the same ethnicity like them. Torture, as we all know, is an act of inflicting physical, emotional and economic pain that leads to death. Ekwe Nche, is an organization on human rights and a research institute, that works with many other organizations to seek legal relief to the victims of these state sponsored tortures and extrajudicial killings. We now must act together because the families of the dead are so afraid to come out because of repercussion from agents of the state. Hence Torture Victims Legal Fund website came into being and was established. We are all in it together seeking legal justice for victims through the help of Bruce Fein and Delvalle PLLC, a Washington Based Law Firm, in Washington DC. USA. Please make your contribution above http://torture victims legal fund. website



  Method Number(3)

Donate Online Using Credit Card OR Debit Card.

 2Checkout $240.00/Yearly   2Checkout $120.00/Yearly
2Checkout $60.00
2Checkout $36.00
2Checkout $20:00
2Checkout $10:00
2Checkout $5:00
2Checkout $3:00

Curtesy of Ekwe Nche Research Institute. The Clarion Call Has Just Begun. Please NOTE _Monthly donation are re-occuring. Thanks for your donation.

Method Number(4)
Donate Online Using

PayPal $100 |

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Donate Using Method 2. Go to 
Bank of America Please follow Instruction

  Torture Victims Legal Fund Website, raising money to stop torturing
Attorney Bruce Fein, of Fein & DelValle PLLC, who represents the plaintiffs with his partner W. Bruce DelValle, Bruce Fein, Contributor Constitutional Scholar. Please Check out more of his posting here as it relacts to our struggle.






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